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Solid Waste Management Planning

D&B has been responsible for the successful completion and approval of solid waste management plans for numerous authorities, counties and towns. In the aggregate, these documents address the long-term management planning needs of a waste shed generating over 15,000 ton per day (tpd).

D&B, collaborating with elected and appointed officials, legal and financial co-consultants and special discipline subconsultants, has served as the prime consultant in the preparation of these plans. In addition to the overall plan development, D&B was directly responsible for the compilation and analysis of all demographic, technical, environmental and economic data, waste stream analyses, identification/analysis of alternatives, and development of both short and long-term plans.


D&B has prepared more than 20 plans that provide the comprehensive analyses necessary to develop reliable and economic solid waste management programs that also have received the approval of governing regulatory agencies.

In the late 1980s to early 1990s, D&B prepared the first generation plans that established the vision for entirely new integrated solid waste management systems. We prepared updated analyses and plans as these systems were modernized. In the current decade, have developed new plans that reflect the current state of solid waste management. A variety of solid waste management planning services covering various geographic locations have been provided for clients including:

  • Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority
  • New York Capital District
  • Monroe County, New York
  • Rockland County, New York Solid Waste Management Authority
  • Town of Huntington, New York
  • Essex County, New Jersey
  • Morris County, New Jersey
  • Waste System Authority of Eastern Montgomery County, Pennsylvania
  • Lancaster County, Pennsylvania Solid Waste Management Authority
  • Fairfax County, Virginia
  • Greater Detroit Resource Recovery Authority
  • Marion County, Florida
Solid Waste Management Planning Contact:

Scott Mills
(516) 364-9890, ext. 3053

Theodore S. Pytlar, Jr.
(908) 668-4747

Solid Waste Management Planning Project Profiles:

City of Philadelphia, Solid Waste Management Program Economic Model

Lancaster County Solid Waste Management Authority, System Evaluation