Sanitary Sewer Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation

D&B’s expertise in the prioritization, condition classification, structural assessment and rehabilitation of brick and pipe sewers originates from many years of research and practical experience. We have provided hundreds of clients with specialist and expert services to rank, assess, and upgrade all types of sewer systems in the USA, Canada, Europe, the Middle East, and Far East.

D&B’s Systematic Approach

Our approach manages valuable assets and ranges from inspection and condition assessment through full rehabilitation, providing the most cost-effective solutions for each specific system. We combine our usage of available tools and procedures with our hands-on experience to assure that the substantial public assets represented by sewers will last for generations. D&B’s approach typically includes:

  • Inspection of sewers in order of criticality
  • Grading sewers against an internationally recognized “risk of failure” ranking system
  • Evaluation of rehabilitation options
  • Implementation of the most cost effective, life-cycle cost solution

Specialty Services

Special situations, such as aging brick sewers for example, are handled by D&B’s team of engineers whose unique skills and vast experience in the assessment, rehabilitation and operation of these systems include:

  • Development of cost-effective upgrading programs
  • Surveying, specification and management of sewer conditions
  • Processing and interpretation of condition survey data
  • Upgrading of existing records
  • Development of computerized sewer databases
  • Identification of critical sewers in a system
  • Computer models simulating sewer flows
  • Flow surveys for verification of hydraulic models
  • Specification and testing of sewer rehabilitation materials
  • Design and management of CSOs
  • Drainage area planning
  • Surface water quality assessment
Sanitary Sewer Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Contact:

Robert L. Raab, P.E., BCEE, CCM
(516) 364-9890, ext. 3037

Joseph H. Marturano
(516) 364-9890, ext. 3308

Sanitary Sewer Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation Project Profiles:

Nassau County- Corrosion Survey and Rehabilitation of Major Interceptors

NYCDEP, NYC Assessment of Intercepting Sewers with Grade 5 Pipe Index

NYCDEP, Assessment of Tallman Island Interceptor Sag in Ulmer Street