The D&B Team Awarded Two Major DEP Contracts

Posted on June 8, 2011

D&B Engineers and Architects, P.C. (D&B) is pleased to announce that after a comprehensive and competitive selection process, the New York City Department of Environmental Protection (NYCDEP) recently awarded D&B the following two contracts:

CONTRACT 1: CTYWDCM-3A, B, C & D – Construction Management Services in connection with Miscellaneous Projects in the Downstate Area

DEP ContractsNYCDEP awarded this $6 million contract to D&B to provide the Department with construction management services, as requested, for a variety of capital improvements at DEP facilities. The construction projects that may be assigned to the CM will be mostly Task Order Contracts (TOCs) from the operating Bureaus: Bureau of Wastewater Treatment (BWT), Bureau of Water and Sewer Operations (BWSO), and Bureau of Water Supply (BWS). The anticipated project term will be 36 months, with the option to renew, if needed. Our manpower, on-call experience, management structure, communication techniques and rapid response are key strengths.

Our mission statement to the NYCDEP was that “The D&B Team remains steadfast in aggressively assisting NYCDEP to meet its goal to deliver the highest quality capital program in the U.S. We will manage assignments to meet budget and schedule. By employing a pro-active stance in QA/QC and EH&S programs, the Team’s directive is to anticipate problems and find cost-effective solutions, while ensuring site safety and environmental compliance. Zero accidents and everyone goes home safely at the end of the day is our commitment to the NYCDEP.” We intend to abide by our statement and transfer our continued success with the NYCDEP to this Downstate project.

CONTRACT 2: PW-072 – Construction Management Services in Connection with Miscellaneous Projects at Various BWT Locations

BridgeD&B was selected our of a field of 8 consulting firms on this significant $3 million contract. This contract involves providing NYCDEP On-call CM services to BWT for: Hundreds of Job Order Contracts (JOCs); Discrete Stand-Alone capital projects that require on site presence on a continuing basis; and have staff available on demand within hours of request. Job Order CM has traditionally been handled in-house at BWT, and the sheer number of these contracts makes this a unique and challenging assignment. This work could include improvements at 14 WPCP, 90 pumping stations, CSO storage and in stream aeration and support services. Assignments will include addressing needs of the BWT program such as: inspection and QA services; tracking and recommending recovery to schedules; oversight on EH&S and other critical special issues; hazardous waste identification, material handling and disposal; critical oversight; permit identification and tracking; and project control metrics including reports, cost and schedule metrics.

Having excelled in On-Call CM services for NYCDEP for decades under numerous projects, our seasoned construction management team will continue our track record with the NYCDEP to be “responsive” and “responsible” maintaining excellent client satisfaction. The anticipated term of this contract will be 24 months with an optional 1 year renewal.