What Goes Around … Comes Around!

Posted on February 18, 2015

D&B’s Steve Fangmann “Hands-Off” NYWEA President’s Gavel at 87th Annual New York City Convention



D&B’s Steve Fangmann “passing the gavel” to Mike Garland, Director of Environmental Services for Monroe County and President of NYWEA for 2015

D&B’s Executive Vice President, Steve Fangmann, officially stepped down as President of the New York Water Environment Association (NYWEA) after presiding over the 87th Annual Meeting of NYWEA held in NYC, which coincidently celebrated the 50th Anniversary of New York’s Pure Waters Program. The “passing of the gavel” officially took place on February 4th at the annual awards lunch, where Steve received the President’s Plaque for his service to NYWEA.



Calendar year 2014 accomplishments include:

  • A successful joint meeting of the Water Environment Federation Member Association Exchange (WEFMAX) between NYWEA and the New Jersey Water Environment Association (NJWEA).
  • NYWEA strengthened its voice in both Washington, D.C., and Albany on a number of important environmental/water quality issues facing our State and Region at the “fly-in” in April.
  • Hosting the first ever Operations Challenge Regional Competition between NYWEA and NJWEA.
  • Another first came in August with the NYWEA Chapter Exchange wherein a successful dialogue was developed between all seven chapters of NYWEA.
  • NYWEA’s water quality representation was also demonstrated at the New York Conference of Mayors, the Hudson Valley Watershed Alliance, as well as the Long Island Water Conference meetings pertaining to Surface and Groundwater Quality.

And that concludes another year at NYWEA, during which D&B’s Steve Fangmann left his mark on an 87 year old institution and becomes a “Water Ambassador” not unlike the 85 past NYWEA Presidents who preceded him. Congratulations on a successful year, Steve!