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Posted on April 27, 2015

by Nicholas J. Bartilucci, P.E., Past President and Chairman of the Board

by Nicholas J. Bartilucci, P.E.,
Past President and Chairman of the Board

I started with William F. Cosulich, P.C. (WFC) in early 1970. The firm was barely five years old. At the time, there were approximately eight or ten full-time employees and several part-time employees. I was hired as an employee with the title “Associate.” The employees at that time that come to mind were: Henry Chlupsa, Miroslav (Miro) Dvirka, Norman Woliner, Henry Ostrowski, Vincent Guarascio and Bill Cosulich, the President and sole owner.

Bill Cosulich & Nick Bartilucci

Bill Cosulich & Nick Bartilucci

The firm’s practice involved primarily the planning, design and construction services associated with wastewater projects. Assignments in-house at the time included the expansion and upgrade of New York City’s Hunts Point Wastewater Treatment Plant, miscellaneous improvements to the collection and treatment systems at the Great Neck Wastewater Treatment Plant, and designs for construction of several small wastewater treatment plants for private housing developments. Miro had been hired by Bill for his expertise in the design of solid waste incinerators and the firm had recently been awarded a contract to design the upgrade of the Town of Oyster Bay solid waste incinerator. At that time, the firm was located in a small office at 95 Commercial Street in Plainview, New York, its second location since its founding in 1965. In fact, the office was so small that I shared space with the secretary in the reception area. With the addition of Miro and myself, the firm’s areas of practice broadened. Miro was involved in additional incineration projects and I was fortunate to bring to the firm a number of former clients that included water supply and general engineering for the Village of Williston Park, Town of Brookhaven solid waste and scavenger waste treatment design, the Port Washington Water Pollution Control District and the upgrade and expansion of the City of Glen Cove Wastewater Treatment Plant. These new projects, together with additional wastewater projects, required the hiring of additional employees and the relocation of the office to larger quarters at One Crossways Park Drive, Woodbury, New York. It should be pointed out that Henry Chlupsa, as an experienced wastewater design engineer, played a significant role in the growth of the firm’s wastewater practice, as well as managing and maintaining individual wastewater projects.

Bill & Anne Cosulich

Bill & Anne Cosulich

In 1972, Miro and I were made partners by Bill Cosulich. The firm continued to grow. Employees that joined the firm at that time were Dennis Koehler and Joe Baader. The firm’s client base continued to expand. New clients included the United States Army Corps of Engineers, New York State Pure Water Authority, now known as the Environmental Facilities Corporation, and the Multi-Town Solid Waste Authority in Suffolk County.

In 1976, the partners of WFC changed the structure of the firm from a partnership to a recently permitted New York State Professional Corporation (P.C.). A significant factor in the decision to convert to a P.C. was that the firm could establish a pension system for its employees with the corporation contributing to its funding.

‘Future’ President Henry Chlupsa with his “all day sucker”

‘Future’ President Henry Chlupsa with his “all day sucker”

The firm continued to grow in numbers of employees and the need for larger office space, resulting in relocation to 100 Crossways Park Drive, Woodbury, and then ultimately 330 Crossways Park Drive, Woodbury, where the headquarters of the firm currently resides. During the period 1982 to 1987, a number of former U.S. Environmental Protection Agency employees joined the firm: Thomas Maher, Charles Manning, Pat Gillen, Anthony Conetta, and Richard Walka. Their experience and knowledge with federal and state regulations regarding environmental issues allowed the firm to expand its services into the fields of environmental impact studies, hazardous waste investigation and remediation, landfill closures and hazardous waste compliance. The firm continued to expand its client base as well as the number of employees.

In 1986, the principals decided, for marketing and business development purposes, that Miro and I should form a separate partnership to be known as Dvirka and Bartilucci Consulting Engineers (D&B).

D&B’s market area at that time was primarily Long Island and Westchester County, with WFC focusing on the balance of the geographic market sectors. Soon thereafter, because of the need for additional office space, a local D&B satellite office was established in Syosset, New York. Most D&B project work was performed at this office.

In 1989, Miro passed away. His passing was a significant loss to the firm. He was a hard working, brilliant man, often in the office 7 days a week. Miro had advanced the solid waste component of the firm to approximately one-third of its total billings, primarily in the design of new and upgraded incinerator projects. Eli Pritchard replaced Miro as a partner in D&B. It should be noted in the years leading up to about 1990, the firm opened regional offices in Syracuse, New York and South Plainfield, New Jersey. These offices were initially dedicated to performing solid waste projects. In approximately 1990, the firm opened an office in Westchester County to serve County clients primarily in the wastewater field. Also around this same timeframe, it was decided to dissolve the D&B partnership and market Dvirka and Bartilucci Consulting Engineers as a “division of William F. Cosulich Associates.”

On June 30, 1992, Bill Cosulich retired as President and Chairman of the Board of WFC and was replaced by me. I remained as President of WFC for over 16 years, electing to step down and hand the governance of the firm to Henry Chlupsa and Steven Fangmann in 2008. Subsequent to my departure, the Principals of the firm expanded the services of the firm to include the architectural practice, hence the creation of D&B Engineers and Architects, P.C. That brings us to 2015.

Susan_DennisIn the 50 years since its inception the firm has seen considerable success. Great clients, challenging assignments and most importantly, a team of very dedicated and loyal staff have all combined to establish and foster the great reputation that the firm enjoys today. I am confident that the firm is poised for continued success in the future as it expands its client base, diversifies its practice areas, and continues to build upon its portfolio of challenging assignments and new geographic market sectors. Currently, with over 200 employees the firm has grown beyond the expectations of Bill, Miro and myself. I know that Bill and Miro would be proud as I am of its accomplishments.