D&B Attends NYSSPE New York City Design Professionals Day

Posted on September 28, 2017

5 - NYSSPE Design Prof DayOn September 28, D&B attended the New York State Society of Professional Engineer’s (NYSSPE) New York City Design Professionals Day at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering in Brooklyn, NY. The day-long seminar and networking event featured technical and business-related sessions from various New York City Department of Buildings (NYCDOB) leaders and was highlighted by a keynote speech from the NYCDOB Commissioner, Rick Chandler, P.E. Topics covered at the event ensure that our firm remains current on the City’s ever-changing codes, regulations and trends, and included:


»» Chapter 17 Special Inspections: A review of special inspection requirements in accordance with Chapter 17 of 2014 NYC Building Code, Article 28-115 of 2014 NYC Administrative Code, RCNY 101-06, RCNY 101-07, RCNY 04-24, RCNY 16-01, and RCNY 17-01. Other topics covered included required items and governing code provisions for building owners, filing representatives, job applicants, design professionals, engineers, special inspectors, special inspection agencies, permit holders, and other obligated parties; and documentation and qualification requirements for special inspections and enforcement provisions.

»» Alterations in NYC: Common Pre-Construction, Construction and Inspection Issues: Discussion of code requirements and design documents necessary for partial demolitions, alterations and alterations to meet NB requirements; expectations as to what should be provided by Design and Construction Professionals, and common errors and omissions noted and observed by reviewers; and an explanation as to how the Code requirements and design documents relate to construction safety.

»» Flood Protection and NYC Gas Work: This course focused on dry floodproofing considerations for exterior walls, opening protection, egress requirements and emergency action plans; and fuel gas safety, including an overview of local legislation, requirements for gas work, gas work inspections, leak detection and hazard procedures.

»» Forensic Engineering: Existing Buildings, Alterations and New Construction: Commentary on the complexities of the structural evaluation and assessment of existing buildings in New York City, which brought to light the numerous Code requirements governing existing buildings. The course provided an overview as to how to determine the vintage of a building, how to ascertain relevant building codes, and why it’s important to do so. Also discussed were issues corresponding to un-engineered and poorly engineered buildings and how these conditions may lead to structural failure.