Solid Waste Management

Having assisted over 90 solid waste management facilities in 22 states, we apply innovative approaches to the design, operations, contracting, and privatization of these facilities to improve services and reduce operating fees. We supervise integrated solid waste management system development and implementation, and our work in regional planning and program development, recycling, composting, digestion and waste-to-fuels has earned national recognition.

When designing and managing these types of projects, we are mindful that the project’s cost-effectiveness must outweigh that of an alternate disposal or processing options. Our broad experience enables us to accurately estimate project construction and operating costs to provide clients with the ability to make informed decisions and to balance trade-offs regarding design and operational alternatives.

Our Expertise

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Anaerobic Digestion
Our anaerobic digestion experience includes wet and dry digestion of biosolids, food scraps, food processing, and residential and commercial organics. We are thoroughly familiar with the associated technologies, including high and low solids, continually mixed, plug flow, static pile, mixed, single-stage and dual-stage, and have provided both project development and facilities design services.
In addition to providing project design and development services for facilities that compost yard wastes, wastewater sewage sludge, and the organic portion of municipal solid waste, we have also inspected many of the country’s major sludge and solid waste composting facilities and several facilities in Europe. We are thoroughly familiar with commercially available composting equipment and technologies, and have evaluated many occurrences of poor performance to understand the design and operating parameters that are key elements to the success of composting facilities. View Service Profile
Energy Recovery Facilities
Our reputation as a premier consulting engineering firm for energy recovery facilities is built on a portfolio of over completed 40 projects that range from 12 to 3,000 tons per day, with more than half involving the rehabilitation or upgrade of existing facilities. We have hands-on experience with all of today’s commercially available refuse processing/fuel preparation systems, stokers, furnaces and boilers. Our capabilities allow us to remain at the forefront of combustion system and air pollution control advancements to ensure that facilities do not pose unacceptable health or environmental risks. View Service Profile
Independent Engineers Reports and System Modelling
We have crafted a unique Program Operations and Economic Model approach that provides in-depth and accurate modeling and financial projections for solid waste management projects. This model provides the format for programmatic and technical assessments and financial projections for a facility or system based upon our analyses of key parameters and project planning assumptions. We then render a professional opinion regarding the ability of the facility or system to perform as anticipated by its sponsors, which is often relied upon by public sector clients, underwriters, bond counsel, bond rating agencies, and bond insurers when pricing bond insurance and rating bonds.
Landfill Development and Closure
Our extensive involvement with hazardous and non-hazardous waste landfill siting, permitting and closure has provided us with substantial regulatory agency coordination and negotiation experience. We take a multi-phased, systematic approach to the design of site hydrogeologic investigation plans for state and federal regulatory agency approval, double-composite liner and leachate control systems, and landfill closures, which has resulted in our supporting of clients as an expert witness to withstand public challenges to their landfill projects. View Service Profile
Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs)
In 1983, we established ourselves as a leader in MRFs by originating the concept of integrated solid waste management and demonstrating their importance to the overall success of integrated solid waste management systems. Our continuous involvement in MRF developments, expansions and operations contractor procurements allows clients to immediately benefit from advances in the industry by cutting down operations contractor fees while gaining both improved contractual performance and access to the latest equipment performance. View Service Profile
Solid Waste Management Planning
From the late 1980s to early 1990s, we prepared the first generation plans that established the vision for entirely new integrated solid waste management systems. Since that time, we have served as the prime consultant for the successful completion and approval of solid waste management plans for numerous authorities, counties and towns, and have collaborated with elected and appointed officials, legal and financial co-consultants and special discipline subconsultants. View Service Profile
Transfer Stations
We have conducted all aspects of transfer station feasibility evaluation, site selection, design, permitting, construction services, and operations contracting services. Our experience includes the preparation of detailed engineering designs and specifications for both new stations and modifications to existing stations; the development of construction, hauling, and disposal cost estimates to determine the economic feasibility of existing station modification versus construction of new transfer stations; and management of the competitive procurement of solid waste hauling and disposal contracts. View Service Profile
Waste and Recyclables Collection Systems
Our experience includes collection analyses and contracting services for residential and commercial refuse, recyclables and compostable materials. To enhance the services provided for these systems, we developed a Collection Cost Model capable of evaluating the economics of current practices in comparison with available alternatives. This Model facilitates the preparation of economic models for private and public collection and frequency alternatives to estimate the costs of the options using key parameters. View Service Profile
Waste Reduction and Recycling Programs
As a long-standing advocate for cost-effective recycling programs, our comprehensive technical and economic analyses indicate the most efficient options for collection, transportation and marketing of recyclables, as well as opportunities for enhancing participation rates and capturing avoided costs made available via comprehensive, large-scale recycling programs. We tailor the design of our waste reduction programs to commercial, municipal and residential settings, with targets based upon audits of waste generation practices and composition, and have successfully assisted clients in the start-up, management, and expansion of recycling programs serving more than five million residents. View Service Profile

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