Town of Brookhaven Materials Recycling Facility

In operation since 1991, the Town of Brookhaven’s 300 ton per day materials recycling facility processes all the commingled paper and containers collected from the Town’s 500,000 residents. The facility has been a key component to the Town’s successful recycling services and, among the many successful aspects of the project, 100 percent of the recyclables recovered for marketing at the facility have been sold and frees the Town of paying to dispose of the recyclables shipped from the facility.

D&B has been providing consulting engineering services to the Town of Brookhaven for the facility’s development and operations monitoring since its initial inception in the mid-1980s. D&B has additionally assisted the Town in re-contracting for the operations of the facility when the original contractor’s term expired; conducted periodic inspections of the facility’s operations; reviewed operations, maintenance and marketing records on behalf of the Town; and procuring operations contractors.

A comprehensive study of the costs and benefits of converting to a single stream collection and recycling program was also evaluated. To successfully carry out the analysis, D&B constructed a Program Operations and Economic Model that allowed the preparation of a highly detailed analysis, including all construction and operational costs and revenue impacts of converting and operating the MRF as a single stream facility.

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