Civil Engineering

Whether it’s through roads and bridges, parks and playgrounds, or coastal and waterfront development, civil engineering helps shape the way communities function. D&B’s reputation for providing high-quality civil engineering services, which has been built over five decades, is backed by an organizational and managerial approach that empowers our team to remain inquisitive and innovative. We take pride in our ability make a lasting positive impact through our designs, and continue to do so for public and private clients across the country.

Our Expertise

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Site Development
With an unparalleled understanding of sustainable site development, D&B can exceed client goals while working within the constraints of budgets, property limits, zoning and code requirements, permits, and site conditions. We have the team experienced in land development site plan design to properly determine the configuration of the site, parking, roads, sanitary sewer collection and disposal facilities, water distribution and stormwater systems, building locations, utility services and site amenities to provide fully functional and efficient sites; zoning and entitlements are also a core component of our site development services.
Stormwater Management
As on one of the biggest contributors to water pollution, stormwater runoff must be managed to ensure that public health remains protected for generations to come. With experience that includes working with United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC), we provide stormwater management solutions that evaluate each project element to help clients develop and implement cost-effective, performance-driven stormwater management programs. View Service Profile
Parks, Recreational and Municipal Facilities
From master planning through project close-out, D&B has extensive experience with parks, recreational and municipal facilities. We fully recognize these projects often impact the public and we emphasize each project’s successful and timely completion by minimizing disruptions to allow for continued public access during actual project execution. View Service Profile
Roadway and Highway Design Services
D&B’s Roadway and Highway Engineering Division understands the unique requirements required to design and maintain the intricate system of roads and highways that connect our neighborhoods. By utilizing CAD, BIM, and GIS drafting techniques to accurately portray existing conditions and proposed improvements, we provide design and construction management services to improve roadway and highway surfaces, drainage, traffic, and safety. View Service Profile
Telecommunications Cellular Site Design
As wireless technology continues to evolve, so does the equipment and infrastructure that supports it. Having performed cellular site planning, review, design and construction inspection at hundreds of sites for most major telecommunication carriers, D&B is able to provide our clients with the services necessary to ensure their customers remain connected. View Service Profile
Hydraulic and Hydrologic Analyses
With a portfolio that includes award-winning drainage improvements and flood mitigation projects, D&B has the capacity to seamlessly blend stormwater management solutions into surrounding areas or make them the focal points of the design. We utilize HEC-RAS/HMS, HydroCAD and Storm Water Management Model (SWMM) to provide modeling, flow rate determination, and sizing of storm sewer infrastructure to support stormwater, stream and site improvement projects for municipal, industrial, architectural and private clients.
Shoreline Stabilization and Erosion Control
Our Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC) and Stormwater Quality (CPSWQ) offer innovative services and solutions that regularly surpass client expectations. D&B leverages our substantial shoreline stabilization and erosion control experience to provide a combination of stabilization and erosion control alternatives that result in optimal solutions that are unique to the characteristics of each site.
Coastal and Waterway
D&B’s multidiscipline team possesses a unique combination of experience that results in sustainable and cost-effective planning, design, permitting, and construction management services for waterfront and shoreline infrastructure improvement projects. We continue to serve as an integral part of New York’s recovery from Superstorm Sandy and have provided our services for other FEMA emergency and shoreline hardening projects across the tri-state area.
Risk Assessment and Asset Management
When budgeting for capital improvements, most municipalities recognize the need to rate the viability and reliability of its infrastructure. D&B’s professional diversity and level of experience allows our firm to provide risk assessment and asset management services to our clients. We deliver invaluable tools to our clients that establish maintenance schedules and prioritize replacement needs through routine assessments of assets, such as structures, roadways, mechanical systems and electrical systems, determine physical conditions, the adequacy of asset performance and the criticality if failure were to occur.

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