Structural Engineering

Understanding that they often serve as a bridge between a project’s design and its constructability, D&B’s structural design team is committed to providing cost-effective and reliable structural solutions. Our collaborative approach involves project owners, architects and contractors from the conceptual design through construction completion to develop comprehensive, innovative and sustainable solutions that are unique to the needs of each structure. We remain cognizant of each project’s budget to ensure that the design of each structural system is both budget-friendly and reliable, and we provide design and inspection services during construction to ensure these visions are properly implemented.

Our Expertise

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Building Flood Mitigation, Resiliency and Hardening
Natural disasters and rising sea levels have provided our industry with many lessons about how we can improve the structures we design to mitigate future storm damage and flooding. Whether it be raising mechanical equipment out of flood zones, hardening existing building facades, or installing perimeter flood walls and flood prevention systems, our team can provide structural design and inspection services for resilient repairs and upgrades to residential, commercial and industrial facilities that have been or may be damaged by storms and threatened by future sea-level rise. 
Building Condition Assessments
Building condition assessments provide developers, property managers, and condominium and co-op boards with valuable information about their property’s deficiencies and needed repairs or maintenance. Our structural engineers will investigate the existing conditions of a single structure or a group of structures and provide feedback to clients that include identifying the health of the structures and a prioritized description of the needed upgrades and improvements.
Concrete and Steel Framed Buildings
D&B analyzes, designs and inspects cost-effective concrete and steel-framed structures to meet local, state and federal codes and standards. Our approach employs 2D and 3D analysis programs such as ETABS, STAAD, TEDDS and REVIT Structure, which helps us account for complex lateral analyses, vibrational considerations and unique loading conditions, eliminate unnecessary change orders and field fixes by highlighting interferences and conflicts early in the design, and give stakeholders a realistic representation of the finished product prior to construction commencement.
Water and Wastewater Facilities
For as long as we have worked on water and wastewater facilities, the D&B structural team has been an integral part of the design process by ensuring that these projects are soundly designed and constructed by leveraging a unique combination of experience. This experience includes material selection for structures below grade, foundation design for new structures and the expansion of existing structures, the restoration of existing structures to meet structural codes, and the repair of deteriorating structures to return them to their originally-intended full operational capacity.
Transfer Stations
D&B has provided structural design services for the repair, improvement and expansion of numerous solid waste transfer stations and recycling facilities. These designs have included construction phase services for major structural reconfigurations, such as the construction of recessed ramps for trailer loading and the subdivision of facilities into separate areas for transfer station operations and recyclables processing. View Service Profile
Docks and Marine Structures
As part of our highly experienced Coastal and Waterway Engineering Group, D&B’s structural engineers collaborate with the rest of the project team to integrate innovative structural solutions for the rehabilitation and resiliency of waterfronts, shorelines and the associated structures. We have completed FEMA emergency and shoreline hardening projects for numerous agencies and municipalities, and have developed and implemented resilient structural systems for facilities damaged by Superstorm Sandy. View Service Profile
Parks, Recreational and Marine Facilities
From parks and swimming pools to sea walls and piers, the D&B structural team has wide-ranging knowledge and experience to develop the design and specifications for public and private clients. The group’s resident engineers and certified inspectors also offer our clients with a wealth of experience in construction activity observation and construction management services. View Service Profile

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