Wastewater Management

Since 1965, D&B has remained committed to improving the environment and quality of life of our communities by implementing innovative technologies and solutions on thousands of wastewater projects. Our dedicated team of wastewater engineers and environmental professionals continue to build on that legacy by taking a hands-on approach to each project and provide clients with superior, cost-effective, and sustainable wastewater management capabilities.

Having engineered small-scale facilities that treat 25,000 gallons per day or large-scale facilities that treat 350 million gallons per day, our multidisciplinary staff has the capacity to design even the most advanced wastewater management projects. Our design team works closely and collaborates with owners to guide them through facility reviews, pilot studies and all local, state and national permitting so facilities are operating on-time and within budget.

Our Expertise

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Wastewater Collection and Treatment
As recognized experts in wastewater treatment and water pollution control, we develop creative and sustainable solutions that improve effluent quality through preliminary, primary, secondary and tertiary treatments, denitrification, sludge thickening, dewatering, and residuals management. Our experience provides us with unique insight when developing a practical and cost-effective approach to our designs, which we have applied to process systems, sludge processes, advanced treatment plants, disinfection and facility reviews. View Service Profile
Biosolids and Residuals Management
We are leaders in the analysis of available options for sludge and residuals processing and disposal, and conduct facility reviews and pilot studies, develop Operation and Maintenance manuals, and provide design and construction management services for various types of thickening process systems. These include gravity thickeners, dewatering systems, stabilization processes, drying systems, thermal reduction systems and co-combustion systems. View Service Profile
Advanced Nutrient Removal
Both domestic and international recognition of our expertise has positioned us as leaders in advanced nutrient removal at wastewater treatment plants. Our experience ranges from pilot studies to design and construction, and we have helped ensure many advanced wastewater treatment plants that discharge into the Long Island Sound meet the stringent total maximum daily load for total nitrogen.
Collection Systems and Pumping Stations
Our approach to both new and rehabilitated pumping stations and associated force mains is based on extensive experience with designs that accommodate anywhere from 100 gallons to 210,000 gallons per minute. We work with owners and contractors to minimize utility disruption, environmental impacts, traffic issues, homeowner inconvenience, and commercial impacts, while also balancing long-term structural stability and cost. View Service Profile
Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Management
With decades of experience in CSO management, we have developed an integrated approach that provides clients with cost-effective solutions to help meet water quality standards. Our thorough understanding of various sewer collection and treatment systems, their impacts on local waterways and available control technologies guides us as we develop plans that cover each aspect of combined sewer systems, incorporate owner preferences for alternatives, and factor in regulatory compliance milestones. View Service Profile
Enhanced Operations and Management Consulting
The decades of experience we have accrued working with municipalities and their personnel makes us uniquely qualified to assist in review operations to develop improvement alternatives for a single facility or multiple facilities comprising a regional system. Our experienced staff reviews and succinctly characterizes alternatives from design and implementation through start-up. Through our benchmarking process, we then evaluate the full spectrum of available alternatives and comparing them to other well-operated facilities, then make a final recommendation based on various considerations. View Service Profile
Odor Control Monitoring, Treatment and Modeling
Our expertise in wastewater treatment and water pollution control extends to the evaluation, design, and activation of systems matched with treatment processes and odor sources for raw sewage pumping stations. We effectively design odor control systems in treatment process areas that minimize operational and maintenance costs by minimizing electrical requirements, air flow, required heat and chemical usage. View Service Profile
Sanitary Sewer Condition Assessment and Rehabilitation
Our systematic approach to the prioritization, condition classification, structural assessment and rehabilitation of brick and pipe sewers originates from many years of research and practical experience. We have provided hundreds of clients with specialist and expert services to rank, assess, and upgrade all types of sewer systems across the globe, and leverage our hands-on experience to ensure substantial public assets represented by sewers will last for generations. View Service Profile

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