NCDPW Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant Influent Screening Facility Improvements

The Bay Park Sewage Treatment Plant’s influent screening facility, which was originally constructed and put into operation in the mid-1980s, had reached the end of its useful life and contained outdated and worn equipment that required a significant amount of maintenance. In addition, the manual transfer of screenings from using a hoist had created operational problems, including the spillage of excess water and the potential for dropping the container in the event of a cable breakdown.

D&B provided engineering consulting services for design and construction of modifications to the influent screening facility to address the noted deficiencies. The project provides for the replacement of the existing influent bar screens, modifications to the screening conveyance system, modifications to the odor control system in accordance with NFPA regulations, upgrade of the HVAC system, as well as electrical and instrumentation and controls.

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