At D&B, sustainability is more than just a buzzword. It’s embedded in our firm’s DNA.

As stewards of the environment for over five decades, we remain committed to integrating green and sustainable practices into our approaches, our methodologies and our designs. Whether it’s in the places we work or the places we play, each project we tackle is with a combination of environmental awareness, sustainable philosophies, and the integration of cutting-edge sustainable solutions.

Our multidisciplinary team holistically looks at each project and searches for ways to ensure they minimally impact our planet and communities. We feature a host of LEED-Accredited Professionals across various disciplines, who we see as the enforcers of our sustainable philosophies and practices, that blend experience with savviness to seamlessly integrate both sustainable technologies and principles into each project’s planning, design and construction.


  • Commitment to improving the environment
  • Energy and water conservation
  • Greenhouse gas management strategy development
  • Healthier workplaces
  • Increased asset values
  • Lower operating costs
  • Financial incentives, like tax rebates and zoning allowances
  • Reduced waste

Practice Area Leaders

Robert L. Raab, P.E., BCEE, CCM
Senior Vice President