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While water remains the most abundant natural resource on the planet, access to safe and reliable water requires a network of complex infrastructure to keep communities safe and healthy. Since our inception in 1965, we have remained steadfast in our commitment to deliver comprehensive solutions to public- and private-sector clients that help provide and maintain clean and sustainable water supplies.

As one of the nation’s most trusted water supply engineering firms, our experienced multidisciplinary team possesses the knowledge necessary to apply advanced technologies and solutions that meet the unique needs of each community. We work closely with some of the region’s largest water suppliers and help ensure facilities adhere to stringent regulatory requirements while keeping pace with evolving environmental needs.

Our Expertise

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Chemical Storage and Feed Facilities
When designing chemical bulk storage tanks and feed equipment for water supply wells, we ensure each aspect of the design complies with guidelines set forth by federal, state and local regulatory agencies. With experience that includes planning and design to support the storage and treatment of many common regulated and unregulated water treatment chemicals, as well as the development of detailed plans and specifications for bidding and construction, our active engagement allows us to remain abreast of the latest applicable regulatory requirements.
Distribution and Transmission Water Mains
Once the industry standard, cast iron and asbestos cement water mains become brittle over time and frequently break with age. As a preventative measure to protect against aging infrastructure, we collaborate with clients to implement maintenance plans that replace antiquated mains with modern cement-lined ductile iron water mains. Our team prepares detailed plans and specifications for bidding purposes, handles the management of hazardous asbestos cement pipe material, and provides contract administration and inspection during construction to help clients better manage their projects and replacement programs. Additionally, our familiarity with trenchless pipe installation and replacement technologies complements our clients’ needs in areas of high traffic, concrete roadbeds and dense utility infrastructure.
Distribution System Modeling
By utilizing the latest hydraulic modeling software, including a graphical interface and integration with AutoCad, GIS and other software packages, our engineers prepare and calibrate water supply distribution system models that range from large service areas exhibiting multiple interconnected pressure zones to conventional smaller supply systems. These models are assembled to accurately emulate the control functions of the actual supply infrastructure and identify necessary distribution system improvements. These models also help to predict the impacts of proposed water storage tanks or pumping stations on existing system pressures, predict available fire flows, evaluate water supply source alternatives, and evaluate distribution system improvements to meet the demands of population growth, development and irrigation.
Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Treatment Systems
Granular Activated Carbon (GAC) Treatment Systems are effective in the removal of low concentrations of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) from water supply wells. Each GAC storage system building is designed to blend in with its surrounding community, and we ensure that each system associated with the facility is integrated with existing water supply and treatment equipment.
Iron and Manganese Removal Systems
While both water supply wells and wastewater treatment facilities are affected by the presence of iron and manganese, its presence in water supply wells is primarily an aesthetic issue while its presence in backwash wastewater can disrupt treatment processes. Our team designs and implements alternative systems, such as backwash equalization tanks, on-site backwash settling basins and iron sludge thickening equipment, to ensure treatment systems continue operating smoothly.
Nitrate Removal Systems
Our team provides dependable solutions and services for the installation of Nitrate Treatment Systems to remove nitrates from water supply wells, and designs and implements alternative systems to effectively addresses the disposal of hydrogen sulfide and brine, which is extremely corrosive and disruptive to municipal sewer systems.
Packed Tower Aeration Treatment Systems
The presence of decades-old Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that can contaminate drinking water supply wells requires sophisticated treatment to ensure its removal. Our award-winning design team customizes Packed Tower Aeration Systems and Air Strippers to fit existing pumping and treatment equipment and aesthetically blend in with surrounding communities. We are thoroughly familiar with overcoming process and operational challenges to ensure our designs provide continuous and effective start-up and long-term operation.
Water Storage Tank Rehabilitation and Inspection
Water storage tank rehabilitation requires detailed knowledge of modern, sophisticated coating systems and applicable regulatory requirements. Our expert team of tank engineers have designed and inspected the rehabilitation of both elevated and ground level water storage tanks, are trained by the National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE), and have also been trained for climbing safety to mitigate any hazards associated with elevated tank rehabilitations and inspections. We also have a thorough working knowledge of surface preparation measures and application conditions, which helps achieve maximum longevity of coatings and protection of storage assets.
Water Supply Wells and Associated Facilities
The design and installation of new water supply wells and associated facilities requires an in-depth understanding of technical issues germane to potable drinking water well construction and maintenance. Our team is thoroughly familiar with navigating the requirements of various regulatory agencies to provide the necessary services for the installation of new wells and associated facilities, as well as the rehabilitation of existing water supply well and booster pumps.

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