IRRA MacArthur Resource Recovery Facility

The MacArthur Resource Recovery Facility, which is owned by the Islip Resource Recovery Agency, has been in commercial operation since 1990 and maintains continuous 24-hour operation. The facility is currently operated by an independent contractor and receives, treats and disposes of any municipal solid waste generated by the Town of Islip.

D&B was retained by IRRA to provide on-call general engineering, planning, environmental and regulatory compliance support services to ensure continued operation and maintenance of the facility. Currently, the facility processes up to 486 tons of municipal solid waste per day and produces up to 12 megawatts of electrical energy for use at the facility and for sale to local electric utility companies. It is anticipated that the planning for a facility expansion will also be addressed in the near future.

Over the course of this contract, D&B will be responsible for completing a combination of routine tasks and more elaborate on-call services to keep the facility fully operational. Because continuous operation is essential for the management of the daily municipal solid waste flow, some services may be provided during routine or emergency plant shut down periods. This will require that D&B remain available for critical project elements on a 24-hour basis during facility shutdowns.

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