Honoring a Worthy Pledge of Support

Posted on October 5, 2020

The latest part of a longstanding commitment to Manhattan College has come to fruition.

D&B Engineers and Architects, P.C. President Steven A. Fangmann, P.E., announced “We have been vigorous supporters of the educational efforts of Manhattan College since our founding in 1965, and despite the ravages of COVID-19, our 2020 commitment continues. We completed our pledge to bring our scholarship fund at Manhattan College to $100,000.00. These donations are motivational in nature, designed to attract young engineering students to rewarding careers in an exciting, vitally important field. In fact, the current need for talented men and women has never been greater, as the engineers of today strive to provide solutions for the infrastructural and environmental challenges of tomorrow.”

Photo taken last year (left to right): D&B President Steven A. Fangmann with Dr. John S. Jeris. Dr. Jeris is a Manhattan College Environmental Engineering Professor Emeritus, and offers his own scholarship award. He has mentored many Manhattan Environmental Engineering students over the years, including Steve himself!

D&B’s Founders Level scholarship honors the firm’s founders, alumni William F. Cosulich ’49 and Nicholas J. Bartilucci ’54 and scholarships are awarded on an annual basis. In fact, President Fangmann normally attends an Annual Scholarship Awards dinner at Manhattan College. Unfortunately, the dinner could not be offered to the scholarship donors and students in this pandemic year.

Brennan O’Donnell, President of Manhattan College, recognized D&B¹s commitment, “Our entire College community remains deeply grateful for your company’s support especially as we confront the unprecedented exigencies wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic. Partnerships like these are a driving force behind the success of Manhattan College. For more than 167 years, Manhattan has educated worthy young men and women from all social and economic backgrounds. As you know so well, our School of Engineering is a vital part of this tradition. The School opened its doors in 1892; since then, its students and alumni have excelled in every branch of this most demanding discipline. Thank you once again for D&B Engineers and Architects’ continuing generosity.”

Mr. Fangmann, who received his undergraduate and M.E.E. (Masters of Environmental Engineering) degrees from Manhattan College, is one of many Manhattan College graduates to work at D&B since the firm’s founding in 1965.