NYCHA’s D&B Resiliency Team Summary

Posted on April 7, 2017

One of D&B’s most prestigious clients is the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA). NYCHA provides an invaluable benefit to thousands of families in NYC through the availability of clean, safe, and affordable housing. We feel privileged to be a part of this extraordinary program.
D&B’s NYCHA Resiliency Team is proud to provide an update on its recent proclamation as a top-rated construction management firm providing support for NYCHA’s Superstorm Sandy Recovery Program, better known as “Recovery to Resiliency.” In October 2012, the ravages of Superstorm Sandy proved to be the most destructive disaster in the history of New York City Public Housing. The devastation experienced at many of NYCHA’s coastal housing complexes was epic and many residents were forced to live without power, water and sanitary services for weeks after the disaster. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems were destroyed, first floor apartments were ravaged, and the property grounds, including trees, playgrounds, etc., were ruined. To this day, many of the developments are still operating with temporary boiler systems. In the Spring of 2015, FEMA awarded its largest ever single grant of $3 billion to fund recovery and resiliency efforts and these monies were slated for 33 of NYCHA’s flood inundated developments across New York City.

D&B is currently the Construction Manager (CM) at five (5) of these developments, including the Astoria Houses, three (3) developments in the Rockaways (Redfern Houses, Hammel Houses and Carleton Manor), and most recently has been awarded the Two Bridges complex in lower Manhattan. For all five (5) developments, D&B is managing Construction Contracts with work totaling over $350M. Additionally, D&B is providing special inspection services at many of the remaining 28 developments, a great boost to D&B’s recently expanded Special Inspections Program.

This current NYCHA effort represents the most significant infrastructure initiative undertaken by the Agency since original construction of the buildings in the mid-1900’s. The scope of work at each location varies; however, key elements include the construction of flood barriers, installation of emergency generators for backup power, boiler replacements and new Electrical Service Buildings, new Boiler/MEP rooms, new child care/community centers, roof replacement, site lighting upgrades, façade improvements, utility upgrades, pile installation, etc. In each case, all new additions will be placed at a level above the designated FEMA flood protection level.
Since October 2014, D&B’s Resiliency Team has been working on preconstruction tasks including constructability reviews, value engineering analysis, cost estimates and project/construction scheduling. Currently, the Astoria and Carleton Manor projects are in the construction phase, where D&B field teams are providing CM services from onsite field office trailers. To date, D&B’s performance has been identified by our client, NYCHA’s Sandy Program Unit (SPU), as the “highest quality” in the entire program and an example for all other CM’s in the program to follow.

The Redfern and Two Bridges projects are expected to enter the construction phase in Spring 2017, followed by Hammel Houses later this year. It is anticipated that this work will continue for the next 3-5 years, and D&B will ultimately have at least 20-25 full time employees working at these sites. See our current organization chart attached.

D&B is also proud to be a part of NYCHA’s Resident Employment Program, providing opportunities for NYCHA housing development residents to work on these projects. Currently, D&B’s two field office managers, Nelaja Eccleston and Liondi Henriquez have been hired through this process and we wish them continued success with the company.
This program is helping D&B to significantly expand its construction management division and gain a quality reputation with a growing client in NYCHA. It is also creating additional opportunities for our Special Inspection services and expanding our experience with the NYC Department of Buildings (NYCDOB). The knowledge gained will significantly increase D&B credentials as a leader in Resiliency efforts across NYC, a significant asset in an expanding industry.

D&B’s experience with NYCHA is not limited to Recovery efforts, currently the firm performs ongoing Design and CM Contracts funded through NYCHA’s Capital Program. D&B has worked on NYCHA’s Brick and Roof Program most notably Mitchel Houses in the Bronx which includes a comprehensive improvements scope worth $100 Million in construction. As part of D&B’s design contract, the firm was tasked to complete a condition assessment of over 700 permanent ladders, located at 100 NYCHA developments within the Bronx, Queens, and Manhattan. This service was undertaken for NYCHA’s Building Operations Division and the inspections were undertaken to assure compliance with OSHA standards. This effort including a detailed inspection report was performed and finalized in 45 days, requiring long hours that extended into weekends and holidays. Additional projects include a hydronic boiler replacement study at Independence Towers and landscape architecture design services at various NYCHA developments throughout the city.