CCMUA Anaerobic Digestion and Combined Heat and Power Facilities

In 2014, the Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority (CCMUA) issued a request for proposals to enter into a public-private partnership where a private technology supplier would design, supply equipment, install and operate an Anaerobic Digestion/Combined Heat and Power (AD/CHP) facility at CCMUA’s Delaware No. 1 Wastewater Treatment Facility (WWTF).  CCMUA later determined that the total cost of this approach was too great, and the cost could be substantially lowered by utilizing tax-exempt debt, their own operations staff, and by retaining a professional engineering firm.

CCMUA retained D&B to provide design, construction management, and operations services for the development of the AD/CHP, which will convert approximately 44 dry tons of biosolids to biogas per day. The biogas will then be used to produce up to four megawatts of electricity for use operating the WWTF. When complete, the project will have anaerobic digestion facilities, proprietary anaerobic digestion equipment, and a fully furnished and operational combined heat and power facility.