Columbia University Manhattanville Campus Phase 2 Brownfield Redevelopment

Columbia University’s new Manhattanville campus is being built in West Harlem within a former industrial zone that contained light industrial factories, automotive shops, storage buildings, and parking garages among other uses.  D&B is serving as the University’s environmental engineering consultant to support Phase 2 of the development, which occupies a 2.5-acre Brownfield site on W. 130th and 131st Streets between Broadway and 12th Avenue. The project is being completed under the NYCOER’s “E-Designation” Remediation Program.

After estimating the quantity of contaminated soil and determining the most appropriate and cost-effective method of soil disposal, D&B has overseen the excavation of approximately 240,000 cubic yards of material to a depth of over 20 feet below grade. This has required advancing over 50 soil borings and collecting over 200 soil samples across the entire project site for chemical analysis to further refine/delineate soil quality.

As part of the soil management phase, D&B prepared a Remedial Action Work Plan for submission and approval by the NYSDEC and NYCOER, and provided oversight and documentation of excavation and remediation activities to assure RAWP compliance. In addition, D&B identified 27 Underground Storage Tanks containing gasoline, fuel oil and waste oil during excavation, later coordinating tank cleanings and closures, registering the tanks with NYSDEC, and subsequently closing the tanks in accordance with NYSDEC regulations.

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