DASNY NY Rising Community Reconstruction Program Tier II Environmental Review

Given the magnitude of New York’s recovery effort in the wake of Superstorm Sandy, the Governor’s Office of Storm Recovery established the NY Rising Community Reconstruction Program to channel federal disaster relief funding to the affected communities and homeowners. Based on damage assessments completed by FEMA, there were over 5,000 applications for assistance in Nassau and Suffolk Counties alone and processing these of applications in a timely manner became top priority.

The Dormitory Authority of the State of New York, as the State’s design-build authority with the ability to finance projects as necessary, retained D&B to provide technical assistance within a 3-week compressed schedule for the processing of over 900 single and multi-family residential homeowner reconstruction fund applications. The review process for each application was advanced by undertaking the required mapping and evaluating the Tier II NEPA/SEQRA checklists for each of the environmental criteria.

The success in achieving the goals and objectives while meeting the aggressive schedule lead to a significant increase in the scope and breadth of the assignment. Beginning in 2014, D&B became responsible for database management, Senior Review, coordination with New York State Homes and Community Renewal, preparing all the associated files to accompany the Tier II Checklists, and uploading the Tier II Checklists and Project Closeout documents so they can be incorporated into a national database.