GNWPCD Digester Improvements and New Grease Receiving Station

D&B is providing construction management services, including full-time construction inspection and part-time resident engineering services, for the construction of the Digester Improvements and new Grease Receiving Station at the Great Neck Water Pollution Control District’s wastewater treatment plant. The project utilizes multiple prime contractors for work performed under separate General Construction, HVAC and Electrical contracts. The scope includes:

  • Improvements to Digester Nos. 1, 2 and 3 / Piping Galleries, including roof and window replacements; new dual membrane gas holding covers; new digester gas piping, valves, regulation and safety equipment; new mixing pump assemblies; new sludge heating / recirculation pump assemblies; new sludge heat exchange assemblies; interconnecting piping between new and existing systems; new domestic water and plant water distribution systems; combustible gas detection systems; new HVAC systems; and new electrical power equipment
  • A new, prefabricated Digester Utility Building with new digester waste gas boilers, new unit heaters, a plant water distribution system, a motor control center, as well as the associated electrical and HVAC systems
  • Construction of new Grease Receiving Station, including new rock trap, grinders and grease feed pump assemblies; a new grease storage tank and mixing pump assemblies; new grease feed pump assemblies; a new grease receiving station truck unloading pad; new unit heaters; new variable frequency drives; electrical power equipment; and a new HVAC system
  • A Process Monitoring and Control System, including associated process control panels, fiber optic termination cabinets, instrumentation, and an electrical power system

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