NYCDDC Pugsley Creek Relief Sewer and Existing Combined Trunk Repair

As part of an agreement between New York City and New York State to improve the ecological health and cleanliness of New York Harbor, the construction of the Pugsley Creek relief sewer will reduce combined sewer overflows into Pugsley Creek by approximately 200 million gallons annually.

The combined sewer work, a portion of which is supported by timber piles, includes the installation of over 4,000 linear feet of flattop reinforced concrete combined sewers. The project also includes the construction of over 9,000 linear feet of distribution ductile iron water mains, and the addition of 26 new fire hydrants and approximately 300 trees. Additionally, more than 20,000 square feet of sidewalk will be rebuilt, and more than 29,000 square yards of pavement will be resurfaced.

D&B is providing resident engineering services during the pre-construction, construction and post-construction phases, and includes providing inspection, management, coordination and administration services from commencement through substantial completion, final acceptance and closeout.

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