NYSDEC State Superfund Program Standby Engineering Services

D&B has been working directly for New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (NYSDEC) since 1991 in support of their efforts to investigate and clean up contaminated sites under the State Superfund (SSF) Program. The SSF Program is New York State’s program to identify, investigate and remediate sites where significant amounts of hazardous waste exists, and the waste threatens to negatively affect public health, natural resources or the environment.

During that time, D&B has been provided engineering services for preliminary site assessments/site characterizations (PSAs/SCs); interim remedial measures; remedial investigations/feasibility studies (RIs/FSs); design of remedial actions; remedial construction management; site management; and oversight of potentially responsible party and third party activities in connection with work assignments at Inactive Hazardous Waste Disposal Sites (IHWDS), Brownfield Sites, and petroleum spill sites located throughout NYS. Through multiple contracts, D&B has developed a wealth of knowledge and experience and successfully demonstrated the ability to provide key management and technical staff to undertake multiple work assignments concurrently, while completing assignments in a high-quality manner, within budget and schedule.

  • Preliminary Site Assessment/Site Characterization: D&B has completed over 40 PSAs/SCs on behalf of the NYSDEC. These initial investigations were performed to determine whether the sites met the definition of a hazardous waste site, and if so, whether or not the sites posed a significant threat to public health or the environment. As part of the PSAs/SCs, D&B completed site background reviews and record searches; geophysical surveys; and environmental and waste sampling and analysis.
  • Remedial Investigation/Feasibility Study: D&B has completed over 30 RIs/FSs at sites in the SSF Program. The RIs were completed to: determine the nature, extent and likely source(s) of contamination; ascertain whether complete routes of exposure existed with respect to site contamination; and determine if remediation was necessary to protect human health and the environment.
  • Remedial Design: D&B has completed over 21 remedial designs for NYSDEC, which have translated the information from the RI/FS and Record of Decision into clear, precise facts and numbers detailing the size and scope of the cleanup activities while meeting the requirements of public contract procurement laws. D&B has completed pre-design investigations, treatability studies and pilot tests; prepared engineering design reports, detailed plans and specification, Contract Documents and engineering cost estimates; and, administered pre-award services as part of the remedial design.
  • Remedial Construction: D&B has been responsible for full-time construction management services, completing tasks that have included coordination of pre-construction meetings; review of shop drawings and submittals; construction inspection for compliance with the plans and specifications; record keeping; meeting organization; change order preparation; payment request review; citizen participation; remedial process start-up and training services; and, report preparation and project certification.
  • Site Management: D&B has performed site management services to operate, maintain, and monitor active treatment systems; ensure safe reuse of sites where use-based cleanups were implemented; certify the effectiveness and protectiveness of the remedies; and evaluate existing remedial programs with the goal of optimizing the programs to increase the overall environmental benefit and reduce the time to site closure.
  • Potentially Responsible Party/Third Party Oversight: D&B has provided review/oversight of Potentially Responsible Party (PRP) activities under the SSF Program. These efforts have included submittal review, field oversight, report preparation, data analysis, evaluation of proposed remedial actions, support during enforcement actions, PRP searches and remedial design review.

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