SCDPW Carlls River Watershed Sewering

To integrate a sanitary sewer collection system in the Carlls River Watershed and connect to the Bergen Point Wastewater Treatment Plant, D&B was retained to provide professional engineering services for the installation of 150,000 linear feet of sewer that will connect 3,000 homes to the system. The project requires that D&B develop a citizen participation plan, an engineering design report, plans and specifications, and environmental permitting/quality review documents. In addition to the sewer installation, the project will also include the design of pump stations, as well as the extension of sewer house connection laterals to the buildings to be served and the abandonment of septic systems.

The assignment is part of the Suffolk County Coastal Resiliency Initiative, requiring that the design considers coastal flooding, storm surge, on-site wastewater system failure, as well as long-term benefits to protect groundwater and surface water by reducing nitrogen loading that will in turn reduce the degradation of coastal wetlands.

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