Town of Babylon Highway Yard MS4 Upgrades and Stormwater Pollution Prevention

As is the case with many Long Island municipalities, the Town of Babylon has a municipal separate stormwater sewer system (MS4) that discharges to both groundwater and surface water resources. The Town Highway Division’s 12.82-acre Highway Yard discharged to the Town Hall Pond, which leads to the Santapogue Creek watershed and ultimately to the Great South Bay South Shore Estuary Reserve System. Drainage from a residential area with an approximate 50-acre watershed to the northeast portion of the Town of Babylon Highway Yard is also tied into a drainage system that flows into the Town Hall Pond.

D&B provided professional engineering and environmental consulting services to eliminate the Highway Yard’s stormwater discharges to surface waters and remove underground injection control wells (UICs) that discharge pollutants to groundwater resources. The new system is modified in accordance with US EPA and NYSDEC regulations to reduce and treat stormwater currently entering the pond; eliminate all discharges from the Highway Yard to the pond; and address discharges from the Highway Yard Fueling Station, which is considered a hotpot under the stormwater regulations. Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Green Infrastructure Practices (GIPs) were also implemented to reduce pollutants and stormwater runoff volumes.

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