NCDPW Post-Superstorm Sandy Emergency Rehabilitation of 38 Pump Stations

Given the significant damage Superstorm Sandy caused to Nassau County’s wastewater conveyance and treatment infrastructure, D&B was tasked with immediately responding to assess the condition of each of the County’s 38 pump stations and preparing damage assessment reports to ultimately restore the stations and treatment plants to full operation.  D&B’s knowledge of the County’s wastewater pump stations and treatment plants facilitated immediate and innovative solutions for the emergency rehabilitation of essential systems and returned the pump stations and treatment plant systems to operation after the storm.

D&B, as part of the County’s Emergency Task Force Team, developed and issued over 70 work orders and was responsible for construction management of the emergency work. The damage assessment program supported the County’s seeking of FEMA reimbursement, requiring that D&B conduct inspections of the affected locations and later meet with the FEMA Critical Infrastructure Team and to provide the information required to support the reimbursement process.

D&B also assisted Nassau County with the development of mitigation alternatives to assist in moving forward with the permanent restoration work. To prevent flood damage from future storms, mitigation measures included elevating first-floor superstructure to the new 100-year flood elevation; utilizing flood gate systems; utilizing watertight access doors; raising critical station components above the new 100-year flood elevation; utilizing immersible type grinder motors; and relocating electrical control panels, relay panels and related components above grade.

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