NYCHA A/E Services for IDIQ Capital Improvement Projects

As the largest public housing authority in North America, NYCHA operates 334 housing developments throughout New York City’s five boroughs and manages approximately 178,882 apartments that are home to over 403,995 residents throughout 2,600 residential buildings. D&B has been providing NYCHA’s Capital Projects Division with architectural and engineering services on an as-needed basis for the construction, rehabilitation/renovation and/or expansion of NYCHA-owned residential and non-residential facilities. To date, this has included:

  • Polo Grounds Towers Underground Utilities: The replacement of the underground water and fire line distribution piping and heating systems, as well as the required electrical repairs and repairs to the pump and tank rooms. In addition, D&B is providing the ancillary civil/site design services to restore the site to its original condition.
  • Taft Houses Boiler Plant: Comprehensive redesign of the public housing development’s boiler plant, which will decouple the heat and domestic hot water system, eliminating the need to run the boilers during the summer and reducing heating loads and operational costs. Each building will also have a dedicated domestic hot water system, consisting of three gas-fired hot water heaters with three 318-gallon hot water storage tanks and pump room in each of the nine buildings.
  • Pomonok Houses Gas Piping: Complete gas piping replacement throughout the 36 buildings comprising the development. The project also includes and associated MEP and architectural repairs, as well as the necessary landscape design services to restore all disturbances to the grounds.
  • Independence Towers Boiler Plant: A comprehensive study of the existing boiler plant that supplies heat to all 6 buildings through an underground hot water heating distribution system. The study devised options and recommendations for an efficient, code compliant, sustainable and economical heating system for the entire development.
  • NYCHA-Wide Fixed Ladders Study: Conditions assessment of existing roof-top fixed ladders used for access to roof tanks, chimneys and bulkheads throughout the NYCHA portfolio. The study certified that all fixed ladders are safe to use based on current OSHA standards and created a detailed exceptions report specifying what is needed to correct any deficiencies.

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