NYCHA Mitchel Houses Capital Improvements

Built in 1966, the 10 buildings comprising the Mayor John Purroy Mitchel Houses were in need of brick bulkhead repairs and restorations, roof replacements, extensive bathroom plumbing upgrades, mechanical system improvements, site lighting, and other building and grounds improvements. In addition, there was evidence of water infiltration and water leaks due to deteriorated bathroom plumbing caused damage in many apartment bathrooms.

NYCHA retained D&B to provide Construction Management as Agent services for a comprehensive capital improvements program, which delivered the project in three construction packages:

  • Package A: All 10 buildings will be abated for asbestos, receive a new liquid applied membrane roof, new lightning protection system and masonry repairs/repointing. During this phase, D&B will be providing full-time roof inspectors to inspect the work.
  • Package B: Each bathroom throughout the complex will be remediated for mold, asbestos, and lead paint and be completely renovated. The renovations include new fixtures, plumbing chase, walls, and tiling in all bathrooms. D&B will provide inspection QA/QC as well as environmental air monitoring during the asbestos abatement work.
  • Package C: The Final Scope of Work Package will include new site lighting to comply with the new Lighting Policy. D&B will be providing electrical inspectors to monitor the work.

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